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Lex Chambers

First Look...

Who is she?

Founder of sweat society. She's an early morning, late night, all day long fire starter.

Where can you find her at (sweat) society?

Teaching tread + shred, boxing + strength, tred + core.

Lifestyle statement?

Sweat speaks louder than words. Passion led me here. The sweat keeps me coming back everyday.

Describe Your Workout Experience

Hard core maxin’ out and chillin’ out (Why pick one way when you can have it both ways.) They always say “get a girl that can do both.” I like to say get a trainer that can do both...

Who inspires you?

My mom and dad who have taught me to work hard, play hard and work harder.

Why do you train?

For me it’s never been about the workout. Yes I love the workout, but I live for the society that stands behind the workout. The most empowering feeling is when you get to be a part of some ones  “I made it” moment.