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Juliana Marciniak

First Look...

Who is she?

Dr. J is the Owner of Peak Performance Chiropractic & Wellness, a Chiropractor, also a 16 year veteran Group Fitness Instructor.... She practices what she preaches, and we can appreciate that!

Where can you find her at [Sweat] Society ?

Teaching Reps + Sets and TRX + Cardio. Or just generally in a pool of "hard work" AKA "sweat"..

Life style statement?

Never enter the world of "What if's". It's a dangerous place to be. Stop asking yourself what if, and just go for it. Create your own answer.

Ideal Friday?

A little weekend travel here and there, dinner out, late night.. I am all about it  (but i will still see you at class bright and early the next morning)!

Favorite way to workout?

I like it when my muscles cry, my heart pounds but smiles, and my clothes are drenched.

How do you recharge?

Ironically I recharge most times by working out. I also make it a monthly point to receive chiropractic and massage treatment, self care it’s a real thing I’ll tell ya.