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Josh Tornabene

First Look...

Who is he?

Josh is a no BS but a lot of BS kind of guy. The good news is his workouts are going to be a really good time. Here’s the best news.. He’s a believer. Every workout he puts out to his clients stems from his passion for movement and strengthening himself.

Where can you find him at (sweat) society?

Personal training, teaching boxing + strength or tred + core.

Lifestyle statement?

How about we skip the long quote and just have a cup of coffee.

Describe Your Workout Experience

I am always down for some EMOM or AMRAP work. I am all about movement anytime, anywhere. You name it ropes, kettlebells, landmines..I am ready to go.

Go to food?

Turkey with quinoa...Lay it all on me.

Who inspires you?

Those who are  willing to take risks over and over until it's no longer a risk. The people who have the mindset of looking at risks as opportunities are the people who succeed before they even start something.